The value-action gap in reducing meat consumption

Is this you? You care about animals, have become aware that meat consumption is part of a huge ethical, environmental and health problem (you might even have watched a striking/terrifying documentary or two) and have set an intention to reduce your meat intake or even cut it altogether. You also go out for dinner on a Friday night and, despite seeing plant-based alternatives on the menu, order a beef burger, with bacon. If that rings a bell, rest assured: you are not alone.

As a society, we are becoming more and more aware of the unsustainability of our meat consumption…

How I used behavioral science to build a daily meditation habit

(Illustration by Dirk Jan Haarsma)

Every time I come back from a meditation retreat I am completely convinced that I’m going to keep meditating every day at home. And each time I fail to do it.

After all, circumstances are very different at home, so without exception my attempts to build a new morning meditation habit only last a week at best, before returning to the eternal snoozing of my alarm and feeling guilty for a few days before giving up altogether.

But as I was on the train, returning from a great meditation retreat on the countryside last February it hit me: Yes, in…

Shocking: making people feel bad about themselves doesn’t lead to long-lasting change

We can all probably agree that promoting health behaviors is a good thing. Should we all try to exercise frequently or reduce our consumption of ultra-processed products in favor of more nutrient-dense, whole foods? Probably yes. Is ‘if you stay fat you are going to die’ the right message to achieve that? Probably not. But do not just take my word for it, let’s look at the science

(Illustration Anastasiia Slynko )

I’m taken aback every time I see yet another public health campaign that uses fear or shame to try to get us to lose weight or engage in health-promoting behaviors. Not only…

Susana Valverde Peral

Consumer researcher & consultant

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